Profile & expertise

CHIMAR HELLAS S.A. is an innovative R&D SME, which develops and provides competitive industrial technology and services to the industries producing adhesive resins and wood-based panels all around the world.

Specifically, CHIMAR technology concerns the industrial production of adhesive resins, the production of resin additives as well as the application of said products in the industrial manufacture of wood-based panels or composite wood panels. Such wood products are used mainly in furniture manufacture and as materials for house construction, insulation and decorative improvement.

CHIMAR experience counts since 1977 and its technology has been applied industrially in more than 40 countries, being protected via a portfolio of international patent families and trade-secrets. Currently, the wood panels produced each year using CHIMAR technology and services account for over 10% of the global wood panel production.

Role in the Project  

CHIMAR will develop adhesives and adhesive systems suitable for the production of composite wood panels using EXILVA microfibrillated cellulose. In doing so, CHIMAR will be based on its 20 years-expertise and know-how on the production of bio-based adhesive systems derived from renewable biomass products, natural materials and wastes.

Main contact

Manos Karagiannidis
Sofouli 88 
55131 Thessaloniki

+30 231 042 4167

Key CHIMAR personnel in the project

Mr. Charles Markessini, MSc Chem. Eng., MSc Applied Informatics-Computer Systems. R&D Director. Expertise in formaldehyde/bio-based adhesives and chemicals and in their application in the industrial production of wood panels, as well as in the application of artificial intelligence and process simulation. Author/co-author in scientific publications/presentations. 

Mr. Manolis Karagiannidis, MSc Chem. Eng., Research Engineer. Research work in resin synthesis and in resin application in the production of wood panels. Experience in lab, pilot and industrial experiments, lab testing and analysis, in bio-based resin synthesis and application. Co-author in scientific publications/presentations. 

Mrs. Eleftheria Athanassiadou, MSc Chem. Eng., MBA. R&D Support and IP Protection manager. Patent expert. Expertise in adhesives from renewable resources, panel recycling technologies, formaldehyde emission, modelling/simulation. Author/co-author/co-inventor in scientific publications/presentations/patents. Vice-chair of COST E49, MC member in COST TD0906 and CA15216.