Ostfold Research

Profile & expertise

Ostfold Research is a national research institute with the vision of contributing to knowledge for sustainable development through innovation. We are Norway’s leader in life-cycle assessment (LCA) for analysis of the environmental performance of products and services. We currently have 23 staff including 19 researchers, 8 of whom hold doctoral degrees as of December 2015.

Ostfold Research develops and deploys theories and methods for understanding and implementing sustainability in society. Much of the research is related to environmental LCA, which is a framework for the environmental analysis of products, systems and services. An LCA will examine all material and energy flows required to deliver a particular function, and analyse how they affect the environment in different ways. LCA can thereby form the basis for product development, green procurement or policy-making, for example in the choice of alternative products or waste management systems. Ostfold Research strives to develop the most accurate yet broadest methods of analysis, and is also looking into how these methods are used in innovation processes. Methodology development is always in focus, and the last years we have started to include the social aspect of sustainability (S-LCA). Ostfold Research performs applied research and development across the following six theme areas:

  • Energy and waste resources
  • Food and packaging
  • Construction and real estate
  • Furniture and textiles
  • Network-based innovation
  • Tools for environmental documentation

Role in the Project

Ostfold Research will contribute with environmental and social LCA analyses, and we will document the environmental and social properties of a selection of the main products developed in the project. The environmental results will be compared to the profiles of the substituted products. Ostfold Research will also contribute by giving input in the innovation process of Exilva when strategic decisions are made throughout testing and development.

Main contact

Ingunn Saur Modahl
Ostfold Research
Stadion 4 
1671 Kraakeroy 

+47 6935 1100

Key Østfold Research personnel in the project

Ingunn Saur Modahl, Senior researcher, is WP leader for WP 7 Life Cycle Assessment. She has been working at Ostfold Research since 1993 and is a specialist within the Life Cycle Assessment methodology with a major focus on energy and bioenergy systems.

Ellen Soldal PhD, has been working at Ostfold Research since 2015. In her PhD thesis she investigated the integration of life cycle assessment and forest modelling for environmental and economic assessment of forest based bioenergy in Norway. She works mainly with LCA of different bioenergy system.

Clara Valente PhD, has been working at Ostfold Research since 2012. Her PhD thesis investigated Life Cycle Assessment of Mountain Forest Wood Fuel Supply Chains with case studies from Norway and Italy. She works with LCA of different bioenergy system and is also working with Social-LCA issues.

Andreas Brekke PhD, has been working at Ostfold Research since 2007. He is a specialist within the Life Cycle Assessment methodology and is also working with Social-LCA issues.